CISPR 14-1 / SANS 214-1: Part 1 - Emissions

This standard applies to the conduction and radiation of radio-frequency disturbances from appliances whose main functions are performed by motors and switching or regulating devices, unless the r.f. energy is intentionally generated or intended for illumination.

It includes such equipment as; household electrical appliances, electric tools, regulating controls using semiconductor devices, motor-driver electro-medical apparatus, electric / electronic toys, automatic dispensing machines as well as cine or slide projectors.


CISPR 14-2 / SANS 214-2: Part 2 - Immunity

This standard deals with the electromagnetic immunity of appliances and similar apparatus for household and similar purposes that use electricity, as well as electric toys and electric tools, the rated voltage of apparatus being not more than 250V for single-phase apparatus to be connected to phase and neutral , and 480V for other apparatus.