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Equipment Guidlines for EMC testing

• The equipment must be fully operational during testing. The electronics must be exercised in a way simulating actual / worst case usage.

• If need be special test firmware / software can be loaded to simulate worst case scenarios. Special loads and equipment must be provided by the client.

• The peripheral equipment used to monitor the EUT must be able to withstand the same environment than the EUT: Industrial EUTs will be subjected to higher levels of interference than commercial equipment, thus a commercial PC used to monitor industrial equipment, and hardwired to it, will most probably fail during immunity testing.

• It is the customers responsibility to provide a test PC / laptop if this is required to exercise the EUT in full.

• We have filters available for RS232 /422 /485 low baud rate communication to facilitate connection between EUTs in the chamber and monitor equipment outside.

If the EUT is capable of various modes of operation (for instance GSM band 1/2/3) that cannot be activated and tested simultaneously. The tests must be repeated for all modes.

• If the EUT can operate from different supply voltages, the tests must be repeated for the different voltages.

• The customer must clearly indicate the required standards and modes to be tested against otherwise we will revert to the setup in the generic / product standard(s) applicable to the device

• Hardware, firmware and software version must be declared by the client.

• The client shall provide the necessary means to facilitate the unloading of heavy equipment. This includes but are not limited to: pallet jacks, trolleys, hoists and or personnel to assist with the unloading of the equipment.